Vocational RAD Ballet Exams
Vocational RAD Ballet Exams
Exam Line Up
Exam Line Up Look how smart and elegant our students are. Very excited to be ready for their exam.
Boys Love Ballet Too
Boys Love Ballet Too It is very important to encourage boys to dance. Boys need to be strong and dramatic to be a ballet dancer.
Lets take some pictures on exam day.
Lets take some pictures on exam day. Parents and students love to look back at pictures. Pictures are a wonderful record of progress and achievemt.
RJS Awards
RJS Awards RAD exams start from aged 5. We love to give everybody the chance to show an examiner how beautiful they can dance. RJS Ballet Awards enable younger children to be part of the exam process and it is a lot of fun.
Listening skills
Listening skills Ballet improves cognitive brain function and prepares children for school. This is only one of the benefits of ballet their are many more. For example: improved confidence, coordination, balance, poise, strength
Before the Exam
Before the Exam Exam day is a big celebration at RJS Ballet. A lot of hard work and preperation.
Talking to the Examiner
Talking to the Examiner Ballet examiners make every child feel comfortable and they want people to achieve great results.
Exam Ballet Bun.
Exam Ballet Bun. If you look like a dancer you feel like dancer. When you feel like a dancer you become one. <3
Shake Hands with your Ballet Teacher
Shake Hands with your Ballet Teacher It was always a tradition at my ballet school (Dorothy Stevens) to always shake hands with your teacher. The tradition lives on at RJS Ballet.
Private Tuition
Private Tuition We can offer extra exam coaching and private tuition.
Making friends
Making friends Friends who dance together stay friends for a very long time.
Exam coaching
Exam coaching Private exam coaching at RJS Ballet.
Exam presentation
Exam presentation Exam presentation day is very special at RJS Ballet.
RJS Ballet Principal and the Lord Mayor of Bradford.
RJS Ballet Principal and the Lord Mayor of Bradford. We love to have a special guest at RJS exam presentation.
So Many Achievements
So Many Achievements
Dance Display
Dance Display Performance and education.
Highest Mark Award
Highest Mark Award This ballerina got 97% in her RAD exam! Wow.
RAD Vocational Exams in Manchester
RAD Vocational Exams in Manchester Top marks for RJS Ballet students in Royal Academy of Dance Exams.
Picture Before Exams
Picture Before Exams Miss Ruth traveled to Manchester to support her students on exam day.


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